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Brand Bonding – Are some brands missing the Experiential Marketing trick?
admin | 15 March

                      With great advertising opportunities like the Jubilee celebrations, the

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Nissan Juke – 3D Light Projection
admin | 19 October

3D Digital Light Projections are becoming more and more popular and brands are beginning to take serious advantage of the

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Being Creative with Ambient Media
admin | 19 October

Working on innovative Ambient Media campaigns around the world exposes us to a multitude of creative applications and every-so-often you

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How to get Creative with Ambient Campaigns
admin | 16 July

If I think of some of the most profound and memorable campaigns I have seen they stem from well executed

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Samsungs amazing 3D light projection
admin | 22 June

Check this out. In May  Samsung ran three nights of an amazing 3D projection mapping installation in Amsterdam to promote

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Would you miss the match?
admin | 17 June

Hats off to Heineken who have out-done themselves with this piece of Guerilla marketing magic. They staged a fake concert

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Eco Friendly?
admin | 15 June

There’s much to debate when it comes to what is ‘eco-friendly’ and corporate environmental policies. Carbon off-setting is one topic

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Ambient Media WW Launch
admin | 4 May

We’re all thankful for the long weekend following a few drinks and bbq at the office last friday to celebrate the

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