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Experiential Marketing – Starting a Movement
admin | 19 August

You may have come across this video of “The dancing guy” from the Sasquatch music Festival back in 2009 which has

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Graffiti, Art and Experiential Marketing
admin | 13 August

We love looking to art for inspiration and when treated well art can create striking and emotional ads in the place

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will.i.am and Lexus: Driving experiential!
admin | 4 August

will.i.am and Lexus have teamed up to create this real world driving game experience. Installed on a disused runway, this incredible

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Instagram “Thread Screen” by Forever21
admin | 28 July

We love to see unique and beautiful uses of social media platforms. Throughout the experiential marketing and brand experience events

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clinique ddml+ product sampling
How to get the most out of your product sampling campaigns
admin | 16 July

Product Sampling Campaigns – Tips According to a recent study, 96% of customers who had an interest in a product

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Fiat Parking Assistant
admin | 14 July

It’s always exciting to see an innovative use of technology and this is a prime example. Fiat set out to

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Are you a Promo Staffing Legend?
admin | 15 June

Take the promotional staff test to see if you’re a Promo Legend! Once you’ve taken the test you can share

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Brand Awareness: sometimes bigger isn’t always better.
admin | 6 February

Building brand awareness is fundamental if a brand is to be front of mind of consumers considering purchase. The greater

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The Added Value of Experiential Marketing
admin | 13 May

Experiential marketing is rapidly becoming a staple on the marketing plans of brands looking for ways to build valuable customer

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Promotional Staff: Curious Talent
admin | 2 May

I’m often astounded by some of the incredible characters circulating the ranks of our promotional staff all of whom play

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Evening Standard – Experiential Marketing
admin | 21 October

There was a recent article in the Evening Standard written by Gideon Spanier, about how an interesting trend has emerged

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Why qualifying an experiential brief can save your pitch
admin | 25 March

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, experiential marketing is distinctively bespoke, yet it still needs to deliver campaigns that are “on-brand”,

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