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Serious Talent within the Promotional Staff Ranks

I’m often astounded by some of the incredible characters circulating the ranks of our promotional staff all of whom play critical roles in executing our experiential marketing campaigns.

I thought it worthy of a mention because the more ‘promotional staff’ I meet the more I realise how diverse, interesting and talented people are! The diversity in backgrounds, experiences, talents and characters is only amplified by the sheer volume of promotional staff who you encounter while working within the experiential marketing field.

Within the last week I’ve spent some quality time in the hallways of AmbientWW’s London HQ chewing the fat with a handful of our promo teams and i’ve met:

One Barrister
Several Actors (one of whom is currently on tv!)
One Freerunner
One Semi-Pro Skateboarded
One Trainee Architect
One Game Developer
Two Singers (one of whom has appeared on X Factor)

It certainly puts me to shame!


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