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We love looking to art for inspiration and when treated well art can create striking and emotional ads in the place of more traditional out of home formats. We also are beginning to understand a relationship between art and experiential marketing in the way it is able to engage audiences on a deeper, emotional level.

But what is it about the use of an urban canvas which shifts a customer’s perception and makes them consider a brand differently when compared to a traditional broadcast medium?

To get a better understanding of this we conducted a short field study alongside a recent brand led graffiti piece to find out why. Here are the results:

  • 85% said they felt the brand related to them more after viewing the graffiti piece
  • 75% said they were more likely to consider the product having seen the graffiti piece
  • 5% said they think adverts should stay on pre-defined advertising locations
  • 75% welcomed the use of other urban ‘canvases’ to deliver them relevant and targeted brand messages

When asked how the branded art made them feel compared to a poster the general responses could be summarised in the following statement:

“Generally speaking, consumers feel a deeper emotional connection with a brand when their message is displayed to them in a unique and artistic form.”

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and more rigorous research would undoubtedly show more detail. However, what our little piece of research does show is that there is a clear indication that if brands are able to find ways to connect emotionally with the consumer there is a tendency for their message to relate with and connect to them in a deeper way and art provides an excellent vehicle for this.

Here’s a few examples of the work we’ve done. Let us know what you think?


Channel4 Top Boy

Texaco Mural


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