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Skytyping UK Launch

The largest billboard in the world is now available in UK skies! It’s fair to say that something as rare as a global pandemic has a huge impact on most

4 Movies Using Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Some filmmakers have huge budgets. Others have to tighten the purse strings a little. When you’re movie-making, expenditure is huge and all too often marketing and advertising of the film

Pokemon Go Street Signs Installed In Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

A 23-year-old has taken matters into his own hands and, instead of going down the tried and tested method of filling in application forms and sending out his CV, has been

Traditional Album Releases Ditched In Favour Of Surprise Drops

The music industry is no stranger to guerrilla marketing campaigns, using every alternative tactic possible to gain as much attention to artists or records. And the latest craze that is

Yarnbomb For Knit In Public Day

If we asked you to think about what kind of forms of guerrilla marketing match your brand identity, you might not, ever, answer us back with the word knitting. However,

#SaveBHS Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Launched To Save Store

British Home Stores (BHS) has adopted an unusual guerrilla marketing strategy in attempt to avoid going under. Earlier this week, BHS marketing and creative director Tony Holdway launched the #SaveBHS

Even Opera Likes A Bit Of Guerrilla Marketing!

When you think about urban advertising and guerrilla marketing, you tend to think of edgy brands like BrewDog, like games developer Treyarch. Your thoughts probably don’t automatically turn to opera

Spring Marketing – 4 Top Tips

Whether you’re mulling over disruptive media campaigns or want to engage in a bit of event marketing at this time of year, you need to know what you’re doing so

OnePlus Signs $300k Deal To Feature In House Of Cards

Mobile phone company OnePlus is famous for its experiential marketing campaigns, but its most recent strategy is far more traditional, as the brand has paid to feature in popular TV

Planning Permission & Big Ben Guerrilla Marketing

It’s very tempting for brands to use landmarks like Big Ben’s Elizabeth Tower in their guerrilla marketing strategies – and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking to

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