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Whether you’re mulling over disruptive media campaigns or want to engage in a bit of event marketing at this time of year, you need to know what you’re doing so your marketing strategies don’t fall flat. Here are four essential tips for brands to make the most of springtime marketing.

Take advantage of the weather

The flowers are out, the sun is shining and the chill to the wind has disappeared. Now’s the perfect time to start coming up with some engaging experiential marketing campaigns or putting on some events to drum up custom and create a bit of buzz about your latest products or services. Make hay while the sun shines and all that.

Be inventive

Spring’s the perfect time for throwing out your old ideas and coming up with something new. Think of it as spring cleaning your ad strategies and ditching old and tired methods of attracting customers. What about starting your own YouTube channel? What about doing some influencer marketing? Not everything will work but it’s all about find out what works for you and your brand.

Be ruthless

You might really like a product but if it doesn’t sell, is there any point in continuing with it? Probably not. After you’ve spring cleaned your ad campaigns, it’s time to spring clean your product offerings. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work and focus your efforts on promoting your most profitable services.

Spring holidays

Take advantage of the upcoming spring holidays and tie your marketing messages in with what’s coming up. Easter is fast approaching, so see how you can fit themes and motifs like chocolate, bunnies and fluffy little chicks into your campaigns.

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