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Bacardi Launches House Party Experiential Marketing Campaign
admin | 21 October

Rum brand Bacardi is on a mission to connect with millennials at the moment so it would seem, with the

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Wireframe Sculptures Installed In London To Promote New Range Rover Evoque
admin | 20 October

Range Rover has clearly been mulling over some guerrilla marketing strategies over the last few months, having decided to install

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Terrorist Attack PR Stunt Falls Flat
admin | 14 October

When it comes to PR stunts, thinking outside the box is all very well and good but there’s a fine

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4 Benefits Of Guerrilla Marketing
admin | 12 October

An increasing number of companies are using guerrilla marketing techniques to maximise their impact on consumers. While traditionally a tactic

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The Selfie – An Invaluable Opportunity For Brands
admin | 24 September

Thanks to technology, inviting customers in to come along to really embroil themselves in your personal brand experience has never

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Chalk Stencils – Great Marketing Tool
admin | 24 September

If you’re looking for a new way to reach people, chalk stencils could well be it. Street stencilling is quickly

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What Is Field Marketing?
admin | 15 September

These days, brands often focus much of their attention on digital advertising campaigns but it’s important not to forget the

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Clean Graffiti Used To Promote Environmental Issues
admin | 14 September

Brands may be inspired to use clean graffiti as part of their marketing and promotional campaigns in the future after

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Free Beer From Heineken In Product Sampling Drive
admin | 8 September

Product sampling is taking centre stage for Heineken this month (September), with the brand using Twitter and Facebook to redeem

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5 Of The Best… Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns
admin | 4 September

If you want to make your brand stand out without spending a huge amount of money, then guerrilla marketing is

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Experiential Marketing Nets Economist 10,000 Subscriptions
admin | 3 September

Brands would perhaps do well to focus on experiential marketing if they want to boost their customer base, as the

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Experiential Marketing – Starting a Movement
admin | 19 August

You may have come across this video of “The dancing guy” from the Sasquatch music Festival back in 2009 which has

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