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If I think of some of the most profound and memorable campaigns I have seen they stem from well executed simplistic ideas.

Experiential, outdoor, guerrilla, viral, online and mobile digital are the crafty, unconventional mix of the marketing underworld. More and more these disciplines are coalescing to form cutting-edge campaigns that penetrate saturated markets and reach further into personal consumer spheres.

A recent Microsoft Advertising report illustrated that the most successful campaigns are ones that “exploit the relative strengths” of the media they deploy and “create natural links to maximise engagement”.  For me, this affirms my own observation of how marketers can be distracted from objectives and goals in favour of egotistical campaigns daunted by heavy production costs.

Choreographed Flash Mobs such as T Mobile Dance, New York No Underwear Subway, San Francisco H&M Kids and Piccadilly Circus Single Ladies definitely have become a much loved marketing trend that I think exemplify this simplicity.  They have demonstrated they have the versatility required to transcend media platforms; on and off, below and above the line. Their power is instantaneous, creating a resonate connection with an audience and generating immediate buzz and viral activity.

However, you don’t need to orchestrate a mass choreographed dance assembly to tap into the benefits and the long-lasting effect which this type of marketing activity provides. This Ray Ban and this powerful Green Peace effort illustrate the effectiveness of simplicity.

I think these examples of marketing creativity enable a multi-dimensional campaign to flourish with a desirable viral effect.

What do you think?

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