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There’s much to debate when it comes to what is ‘eco-friendly’ and corporate environmental policies.

Carbon off-setting is one topic which comes under much scrutiny and provides significant fuel for discussion. For example, many companies merrily claim to be carbon neutral by ‘off-setting’ (for a mere few pounds) the carbon pumped out of their diesel trucks. The truth of it really is one of common sense – the less carbon we produce the more we limit the damage we’re causing to our planet.

Ultimately, we all just need to be logical about our contribution while we’re all here sharing this world (whether it is off-setting schemes or other methods) and the less non-renewable resources we utilise and the more pollution we create, the worse our position will be – not to mention our children’s and their children’s etc etc.

Well, we’re trying to help and I’m pleased to say we do recycle EVERYTHING possible (and that includes tearing out the little plastic windows of the envelopes)! But, we can always do more…..

With this aim, this month we have probably become the first advertising company to provide a fleet of mountain bikes for our entire company! We’re hoping this, over time, will make a contribution to our planet and possibly give a few other people the idea of making a difference too in their own small but important way.

Jonathan Schultz

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