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The rise of the “experience economy” is currently one of the most important global trends in marketing and across the globe we have seen an increased demand for immersive brand experiences and unique entertainment.  Consumers look for multisensory events that engage them beyond just sight and sound.

For the second part of our blog series, we have put together a selection of inspirational experiential marketing campaigns from around the world, which have all successfully engaged consumers through emotion and immersive brand experiences, creating deeper relationships and lasting memories.


Household fragrance brand Glade successfully brought their brand to life by integrating the feelings of scent and sight, challenging visitors to interpret the brand for themselves, by asking the question ‘What will you Feel?”. The pop-up featured a multi-sensory, interactive experience for shoppers – including a journey through five distinct spaces, all inspired by and infused with fragrance.

Mountain Dew Me

To promote its ‘Do The DEW’ campaign, Mountain Dew created a ground-breaking art installation – ‘There’s No Feeling Like Doing’, celebrating the connection between the cultures of art and skateboarding. The brand took over a gallery space in California and installed six custom-built canvases representing each athlete’s, unique individual feeling of ‘doing’.

Village Roadshow Studios, ‘It’ Movie

Playing on a different set of emotions, production studio Village Roadshow, created a creepy PR stunt for the launch of an adaptation of the movie ‘IT’- the story of a terrifying clown whose calling card is a red balloon. The people of Sydney were left freaked out as red balloons were popping up all over the city.

By triggering emotional responses these brands have all created experiential marketing campaigns that have successfully engaged their consumers through immersive brand experiences and as a result put their brands front of mind.

Look out for our next post on emerging technologies, which is the third and final post of this blog series.

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