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Pop-up shops and the merging of retail and brand experience.

In the first half of 2019, 2,870 retail brick and mortar retail stores closed in the UK – that’s a staggering 16 a day – and about half of them

Creating lasting memories through Immersive Brand Experiences

The rise of the “experience economy” is currently one of the most important global trends in marketing and across the globe we have seen an increased demand for immersive brand

How Experiential Marketing is Bringing brands to life

At Ambient we believe in bringing brands to life through emotionally charged experiences, that drive sales, awareness and meaningful consumer actions for our clients. In this series of blog posts

How To Launch A Career In Experiential Marketing: Part I, Promotional Staffing Jobs

Those of you looking to forge a career in the advertising and marketing industry will know that for brands, it’s going to be all about experiential marketing  in 2017. Businesses

Are you a Promo Staffing Legend?

Take the promotional staff test to see if you’re a Promo Legend! Once you’ve taken the test you can share it on twitter and Facebook and put your promo friends

Promotional Staff: Curious Talent

I’m often astounded by some of the incredible characters circulating the ranks of our promotional staff all of whom play critical roles in executing our experiential marketing campaigns. I thought

Ambient Media WW Launch

We’re all thankful for the long weekend following a few drinks and bbq at the office last friday to celebrate the launch of the new Ambient Media WW site and the

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