How To Launch A Career In Experiential Marketing: Part I, Promotional Staffing Jobs

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Those of you looking to forge a career in the advertising and marketing industry will know that for brands, it’s going to be all about experiential marketing  in 2017. Businesses are increasingly realising that if you want to engage with people and increase product trial and sales, experience-based ad campaigns is an effective and efficient way of doing so; and integral promotional staffing jobs are in great supply to help bring these campaigns to life.

But that’s from the brands perspective. What about people who want to come up with ideas for these campaigns and who want to make a living delivering inspiring ad strategies for a range of clients? As important as degrees are in developing analytical and problem-solving skills, field experience is also key in order to build a career in experiential marketing and the best place to gain that valuable experience early on is to seek out exciting promotional staffing jobs.

Give your CV a big boost by working on local events, whether that’s by volunteering at festivals, university events or getting involved in the promotional and experiential work available at an agency like Ambient.

Make sure that you’re organised (an absolutely essential skill), that you can manage your own time, that you can keep a cool head under pressure and that you’re both confident in yourself but incredibly personable as well. You need to be able to get on well with people if you want to be the next big thing in experiential marketing.

Promotional field work offers you an excellent opportunity to get started with your new career and meet like minded people. Keep your eyes peeled for a roles like promotional staff or brand ambassador, but make sure it’s a job on the front line if you want to be noticed quickly. You’ll need to be willing to muck in and work as a team. It is a fast-paced and rewarding industry, no two campaigns are the same and if you demonstrate that you have what it takes, you’ll climb the career ladder quickly.

Working in promotional staffing will provide you with an understanding of how experiential campaigns are delivered by staff and received by the general public. This insight is absolutely crucial if you are to forge a successful career for yourself in the experiential industry, so make sure you get on-board with a variety of campaigns, from demonstrating a VR experience to sampling your favourite soft drink.

It’s a highly competitive sector so you will find eager young graduates hot on your heels, but keep up to date with all industry developments, think innovatively and creatively, and make sure you have all the relevant experience you need within a variety of fields. Building up a portfolio of real-world experience that’s relevant to the job you’re chasing will dramatically increase your chances of landing that dream role.

Seen enough to spark your interest and want to get involved and start looking for promotional staffing jobs? We want to hear from you! Drop us an email and tell us a bit about yourself and we will get back to you with instructions on how you can apply to become a member of our National Promotional Staffing team.

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