How To Choose The Right Promotional Staff For Your Marketing Campaign

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Whether you have a stall at a marketing conference or you’re planning to hit the streets and take your brand to the wider public, having the right promotional staff is key to a successful campaign.

That’s why our tips on how to choose the right staff members will help you find the best team for your product.

  • Enthusiasm 

You need someone who believes in your brand as much as you do, and will give their 100 per cent to sharing its benefits with the rest of the world. Someone who will pull their weight, never give up and keep on going on long tiring days is what you’re looking for.

  • Engaging 

A great marketing person is someone who isn’t shy, will go up to strangers and crack a joke or two. If you find a charismatic character who is great at talking to everyone and will draw the attention of passersby, you are far more likely to spread your message to as many people as possible.

Don’t mistake this skill as being too ‘sales-led’ though, as marketing is far more subtle. As long as people remember your brand and you’re building awareness of your product, they’ve done their job.

  • Use an agency 

It’s hard to find the right team members, especially if you only need staff for a handful of events a year. That’s why agencies like Ambient that source expert promotional workers for you could be an ideal choice.

By doing this, you guarantee they’ll be well trained, skilled in attracting attention and face-to-face marketing, and you can take them on for short-term or even one-off projects.

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