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WaterAid is hoping a new experiential marketing campaign will encourage more people to donate money to clean water projects in the developing world.

But what is the organisation doing that’s so unique? Well, WaterAid has set up special lockers in public swimming pools across London. As with many lockers, they require £1 to keep belongings safe and individuals receive a key in return.

However, the WaterAid lockers have a touchscreen that asks swimmers how long they’ve spent in the pool once they’ve finished. Based on their answers, the system calculates how many people have died from drinking dirty water in that time.

The locker then gives swimmers a choice; they can either donate the money to charity or have their £1 returned. Titled the ‘Hurt Locker’ project, the initiative turns the tables on typical charity messages, as it puts the onus on people to ask for their money back rather than actively donate.

Ben Davis, writing for Econsultancy, said the scheme is “creative on so many levels” because it captures people’s attention when they’re already very receptive to personalised marketing.

“After exercise, people are often a little more restful and considered. In this scenario, they’re also half-naked, perhaps feeling slightly vulnerable or more human, and hence empathetic,” he argued.

Special projects manager for WaterAid Charlotte Forrest said she loved the idea, saying it ties in well with the charity’s values and ethos. She added that her organisation is extremely excited to see the results.

It’s fair to say that the team here at Ambient are also intrigued to see how this innovative piece of experiential marketing pans out!

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