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Kopparberg Revives Urban Forest Festival

It’s all about experiential marketing for fruit cider brand Kopparberg at the moment it would seem, with the company revealing it will be starting up its Urban Forest festival once

Boston Street Poetry To Liven Up Commutes

One of the best ways to target your market is to advertise to them while they are travelling to and from work. And those in Boston will have a special

1,500 To Attend Huge Experiential Marketing Event

Anyone who wants to learn more about experiential marketing and the latest promotional strategies that will help boost brand awareness might be interested in the 2016 Experiential Marketing Summit. The

Children’s Channels Bring Characters To Life With Experiential Marketing

The way to really interact with children and get them to fall in love with cartoon characters is to bring them to life using experiential marketing techniques. This is the

Is Coachella Oversaturated With Brands?

With the festival season approaching, more brands than ever are aware how great a festival is as a space for experiential marketing. A super-engaged environment and plenty of consumers with

The Economist & Experiential Marketing Campaigns

The Economist is hoping to increase its readership base through its latest experiential marketing campaign. Instead of traditional advertising strategies, the newspaper has started to use stunts, including serving insect-flavoured

Ad Blockers – Every Brand’s Nemesis

These days, it’s very easy for consumers to decide whether or not they want to view ads on their TVs or smartphones. People are increasingly choosing to record their favourite

Thorntons Launches Interactive Chocolate Factory

Keen to take advantage of Easter, when people are guaranteed to be buying lots of chocolate and other goodies, chocolatier Thorntons has turned to experiential marketing and decided to launch

Samsung Focuses On Personal Experiences For Customers

The new Samsung 837 flagship store in New York is a lesson in good experiential marketing, with customers unable to actually buy anything from the shop. Instead, the focus is

How Experiential Marketing Helped Grey Goose Vodka

Innovative experiential marketing has helped Grey Goose drive sales of its luxury vodka brand. The firm activated an award-winning campaign that used a mixture of experiential marketing, PR and digital

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