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Keen to take advantage of Easter, when people are guaranteed to be buying lots of chocolate and other goodies, chocolatier Thorntons has turned to experiential marketing and decided to launch its own interactive chocolate factory, so people can see how they make their Easter eggs.

According to The Drum, people can head online to take part in an Easter egg hunt, where they have to find five Easter eggs that have been hidden throughout the factory. Those who succeed in finding them all will then be added to a prize draw, where they could win a tour around the actual Thorntons chocolate factory.

Search manager at Thorntons John Rowley told the news source that the digital hub forms part of a bigger campaign to reveal the craftsmanship and heritage that goes into the manufacturing of their eggs.

“The Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs, on top of building the brand narrative around the brand, will also help drive search visibility, increase online brand equity and providing a great overall digital experience to their customers,” he added.

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