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Chocolate Lock-Ins From Hotel Chocolat In New Experiential Marketing Push

It’s all about experiential marketing for Hotel Chocolat at the moment, it would seem, with the company launching chocolate lock-ins at some of its stores in the UK to offer

ASICS Big Chase Event Turns People Into LA Detectives

Sports brand ASICS has put experiential marketing at the forefront of its ad strategies, with the launch of The Big Chase – an interactive adventure that sees people transformed into

Ringling Bros: A Perfect Example Of Experiential Marketing

These days, experiential marketing companies are kept pretty busy. Brands are increasingly switching on to the benefits of this kind of advertising since it really engages with consumers and makes

Netflix To Match Shows To People’s Moods

  11.01.2016   admin   What's Cool   No comments

If you’re looking for brand experience inspiration and are wondering what other companies are up to this year, why not look to Netflix for a few ideas. The brand has

How well do you know your marketing buzz words?

  9.12.2015   admin   What's Cool   No comments

Christmas Movie Quiz!

  7.12.2015   admin   What's Cool   No comments

The Selfie – An Invaluable Opportunity For Brands

  24.09.2015   admin   What's Cool   No comments

Thanks to technology, inviting customers in to come along to really embroil themselves in your personal brand experience has never been easier. Smartphones represent a multitude of opportunities for companies

Chalk Stencils – Great Marketing Tool

  24.09.2015   admin   What's Cool   No comments

If you’re looking for a new way to reach people, chalk stencils could well be it. Street stencilling is quickly becoming a very popular marketing strategy for all kinds of

Clean Graffiti Used To Promote Environmental Issues

  14.09.2015   admin   What's Cool   No comments

Brands may be inspired to use clean graffiti as part of their marketing and promotional campaigns in the future after seeing how Cairns Regional Council in Australia has been utilising

will.i.am and Lexus: Driving experiential!

will.i.am and Lexus have teamed up to create this real world driving game experience. Installed on a disused runway, this incredible experiential stunt utilises 350 projected mapped motion and audio sensitive lasers

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