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Brands may be inspired to use clean graffiti as part of their marketing and promotional campaigns in the future after seeing how Cairns Regional Council in Australia has been utilising the idea to help raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues in the country.

According to ABC Far North Queensland, sustainability officer with the council Daniel Stronggrove has been decorating dirty walls using a pressure washer and stencils made from old road signs taken out of dumpsters.

“We got a local artist to create the designs for us and got them machine cut out of the metal,” Mr Stronggrove told the news source. “We put them up against the wall and blast it with the pressure washer so that you’re left with the artwork when you pull it away.”

As Mr Stronggrove says, this new way of highlighting environmental issues has almost no impact on the earth at all because it’s just a bit of water that’s being used to wash the dirt, grime and moss away. And using paint to convey sustainability messages in the same way could actually be harmful since toxic chemicals could end up in local waterways.

Brands that have made good use of reverse graffiti as part of their advertising campaigns include Starbucks, MTV, Good Housekeeping and Domino’s Pizza so it may be worth checking out how they’ve used the idea to promote their products if you feel you need some inspiration. Alternatively, give us here at Ambient Media a call – we’re more than happy to help.

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