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Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. 70 days to be exact. Christmas that is, and with that the madness of Christmas shopping and brands fighting for the attention of consumers.  Check out our top five Christmas Brand Experiences, to provide you with some inspiration to creatively capture the festive season in a fun and immersive way.

Research has shown that a majority of consumers start their Christmas shopping as early as September, so with that in mind it is high time for brands to get creative in order to cut through noise and engage their consumers.

5. Carlsberg Christmas Tree

Carlsberg wished Londoners Happy Christmas with their own take on a Christmas tree, complete with candle lit beer bottles, a beer hop tree topper and of course a Carlsberg dispensing pump!

4. Share The Warmth

Throughout Russia, ten experiential machines were installed by the Russian Olympic Committee to encourage passersby to keep warm. The social heating lamps, would challenge the participants to a fun activity to stay warm, such as jogging on the spot.  However, the heat generated from the task did not heat up their own heating lamp but to a complete stranger standing at another social heating lamp in Russia.

3. Christmas Wishes Can Come True

Westjet took on the role as Santa’s little helpers, when they surprised passengers waiting to collect their luggage, with the baggage carousel full of beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts.

2. North Face’s North Pole VR Experience With A Twist

Shopping for a new winter jacket? To launch their new McMurdo range, North Face in Korea, created a shopping experience to remember! The pop-shop was transformed to give shoppers an opportunity to experience South Pole through virtual reality. However, to their surprise the real experience only began when the VR headset was removed and they were pulled through a makeshift wall and around the shopping mall by real life huskies, providing them an opportunity to grab themselves a McMurdo product.

1. The Magic of White Christmas

Wishing for a White Christmas? Thanks to Coca-Cola, this wish did come true for Singaporeans.  Via a live portal connecting to Finland, snow would magically emerge from the machine in Singapore when locals in Lapland scooped snow into their matching machine.

That’s our Top five Christmas Brand Experiences, hopefully its filled you with inspiration and festive spirit!


  • Tom83
    18th October 2016, 11:40 pm

    This is a great selection! My favourite has to be the WestJet campaign though.

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