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If you want to make your brand stand out without spending a huge amount of money, then guerrilla marketing is the right kind of strategy for you. Never done it before and not sure where to start? Here are some of the best campaigns that other brands have done in the past, certain to inspire you in your own endeavours.


Coca-Cola and the Happiness Machine

Vending machines can be pretty annoying when your drink or chocolate bar gets stuck and doesn’t fall down, but Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine, set up in the middle of a US college campus, was always sure to spread a little cheer. Take a look to see what happens when people put their money in.


Guinness pool cue wraps

You don’t need to think big to have a lasting impact. Check out these pool cue wraps from Guinness – certain to remind players what they want from their next drink when they’re at the bar.bb7723d9d5022062e5eefb95fac3e006


King Kong 3D

The powers that be behind the marketing for King Kong 3D did a great job with this guerrilla marketing campaign by making humungous footprints in sand at a local beach. Simple yet highly effective.



Tic Tac’s bad breath campaign

Humour goes a long way in all forms of advertising, something Tic Tac clearly understands. Watch this YouTube video of a flashmob where a person asking for directions causes everyone in the near vicinity to faint because of his bad breath. Great!


Landmine awareness

Thinking outside the box is key with guerrilla marketing. How innovative is this landmine awareness campaign using a ketchup packet and a simple graphic to convey a really serious message?



  • TonyJ
    2nd October 2015, 2:27 pm

    The TicTac video is awesome! Made me LOL!

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