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The serious buzzword of the moment where advertising is concerned is experiential marketing – if you’re not doing it now, then you almost certainly will be in the very near future if you want to keep up with your competition.

Some big name brands have spoken to Event Magazine as part of a series on marketing about why they started focusing on campaigns that really involve and engage their end customers, and what benefits such strategies have had for their businesses.

Most recently, the magazine chatted to event marketing manager of botanical brewery Fentimans Jaala Pickering, who said that the brand finds this kind of campaign idea allows the company to really communicate with their target market directly and personally, using tactics like pop-up bars, mixology classes and a Botanical Cocktail Garden at Polo in the Park to engage with people and let them try out their products in their own time.

“Providing the consumer with an experience that they will remember fondly gives them a positive association with our brand and our products,” Ms Pickering went on to say.

It always pays to see what other brands are doing, whether they’re in your industry or otherwise, when it comes to marketing and advertising. We recently blogged about four of our favourite experiential marketing campaigns from last year, so why not take a look to see if you can find any inspiration for your own campaigns?

We were particularly taken with Carlsberg’s billboard in Brick Lane in London that actually had a working beer tap installed on it so people could pour themselves a beer. What an amazing idea – and something guaranteed to work!

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