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Seeing what different brands are up to when it comes to marketing and advertising can certainly inspire you in your own brand activations in the future. To help you come up with some ideas, check out four of our favourite examples.

Ikea’s Swedish houseboat

The company is promoting its newest store launch by opening a Swedish houseboat on the Thames in Reading, a three-deck boat that will be running from June 6th to 30th. Trips down the river will be on offer, with the boat going between Oxford and Reading over the month.

Duvet dining with TK Maxx

In the middle of May TK Maxx teamed up with foodie Gizzi Erskin to launch #DuvetDining, a one-day pop-up dining experience where people could taste-test a special menu pulled together by Gizzi. It was all in aid of the brand’s Ridiculous Possibilities campaign.


Jägermeister’s latest interactive experience involves Haus56, a duplex treehouse-like structure that has two giant antlers on the front (representing the famous brand logo, of course). This was set up at Electric Daisy Carnival in New York, with festival attractions included in the treehouse, like photo booths, temporary tattoos, body painting and more.

LG Smart Garden

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show saw brands turning their gardens into channels for communicating with consumers. LG, for example, set up the Smart Garden to showcase how the smart home concept could be translated outside. The company’s garden featured an LG Signature Oled TV and a G5 modular smartphone that was used to control the irrigation and lighting for the duration of the Flower Show.

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