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Everyone has been offered a product sample at some point in their life, but what makes a freebie such a great way to boost a marketing campaign? Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider product sampling:

  1. Brand awareness

Giving out free samples is a fairly low cost advertising technique, but it can significantly raise brand awareness. People can try your product for free and, if they like it, spread the word to friends and family. Offering out samples also shows confidence in your product.

  1. Gain feedback

The launch of a new product is an expensive and risky process. The ability to collect crucial feedback ahead of the release and make any last-minute changes that could boost your product’s success could prove invaluable.

  1. Experiential marketing

When done correctly, product sampling should stimulate all a consumer’s senses. Engaging sight, touch, scent, sound and taste can help an individual remember your brand more effectively than using traditional advertising channels.

  1. Encourages purchases

Put simply, product sampling works. A 2010 study from the Opinion Research Corporation found 81 per cent of consumers said they would purchase a product if they liked a free sample they had received. Furthermore, 62 per cent claimed sampling was the best way to get them to try new releases.

  1. Reach different target groups

While we live in a digital age, not everyone is hooked to their TVs, computers and smartphones. Product sampling allows brands to reach different audiences who might not interact with technology, providing a broader campaign through direct mail and in-store advertising.

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