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There was a time when a restaurant visit was all about the food, but today we want so much more. We expect multi-sensorial journeys, immersive food experiences that excites and entertains us, the quirkier the better. As diners become more accustomed to unique dining experiences, restaurants and chefs will have to continually push the boundaries to stand out from the competition and create memorable events for their customers.

Immersive food experiences and creative restaurant concepts are a great source of inspiration for experiential marketeers and we could really take cues from the world of food and drink when creating brand activations. A multi-sensorial experience is much more likely to create lasting memories, resulting in positive brand associations and emotional connections.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite immersive food experiences in London:


Crazy golf, cocktails and street food all under one roof – what’s not to like?

Dinner by Heston

A unique culinary journey, playing with emotion, expectation and memory.

Dans Le Noir

Diners are guaranteed a memorable experience as they are served in total darkness by blind waiters.

Restaurant Story

Guests are treated to a good story at this restaurant, where the menu includes a beef dripping candle.

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