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Top five Christmas Brand Experiences

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. 70 days to be exact. Christmas that is, and with that the madness of Christmas shopping and brands fighting for the attention

Rude Message On Beer Cans Results In Employee Award

You’d think that if you printed an incredibly rude word anywhere on your company’s products without their knowledge it would be a case of having to convince them not to

PR Stunt Sees Boss Run A Half Marathon – In A Suit

  14.01.2016   admin   PR Stunts   No comments

If you’re planning your next PR stunt and want a bit of inspiration about how to showcase your products’ best attributes, why not take a leaf out of Gihan Amarasiriwardena’s

Terrorist Attack PR Stunt Falls Flat

  14.10.2015   admin   PR Stunts   No comments

When it comes to PR stunts, thinking outside the box is all very well and good but there’s a fine line between success and failure – as computer game developer

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