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The new Samsung 837 flagship store in New York is a lesson in good experiential marketing, with customers unable to actually buy anything from the shop. Instead, the focus is very much on experiencing the brand and its products and services in a more interactive way.

According to AdWeek, there’s a gallery within the store that serves to showcase installation art along a technology theme, where people can walk through a tunnel filled with mirrors as photos from their Instagram accounts are displayed.

So you can have have your photos shown, you have to put your Instagram information into a Samsung Galaxy phone, so that in order to take part in the full experience you really have to interact with the brand.

The shop is also home to a playroom, kitchen, studio, living room and cafe to really help people engage fully with Samsung.

Chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics, North America, Marc Mathieu said: “[What] we’ve created is a playground where people can connect with Samsung technology, with our products, with our services in an interactive and immersive way. We believe that this is the way the store of the future ought to look like.”

It’s interesting to have a permanent experiential marketing strategy. Typically, these campaigns tend to be one-offs that are intended to capture people’s attention for a defined period of time. If you’re interested in doing something similar, get in touch with London experiential marketing agency Ambient Media to see how we can help you get the leg up on the competition.

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