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I have a question. Group of people sitting at the chairs in conference hall, raising their hands. Workshop at university. Business and Entrepreneurship event.

Niche audiences are notoriously difficult to target for brands, but there is a strategy that you can employ that should see you gather more success in attracting certain demographics. And that’s event marketing.

This sort of campaign allows for full customisation so that you know you’re employing the best methods possible to attract a certain audience. This means your connection with consumers will be more authentic – and you’re more likely to increase your loyal customer base as a result.

Marketing events can be extremely powerful and if done in the right way can really increase your brand awareness, as those in attendance flock to tell their friends and family members in the days after the event in question.

Before you hold an event, make sure that you look to the local community to find out how you can get the word out – and on what channels. Choose those that are specifically relevant to your target market, be it local radio or local bloggers.

There are various tactics you can employ to target any given demographic. For example, it may be that a mobile tour of the UK is the best way to meet and greet those you’re targeting.

Alternatively, organising a street team and sending them out and about in the towns and cities where your audience lives is another great way of connecting with people. However, you should choose your team wisely and bear in mind at all times that they’ll be representing your brand so they should behave accordingly.

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