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How to amplify and integrate your experiential marketing campaign with traditional media channels

In our last post we looked at the reasons behind the importance of amplification in experiential marketing campaigns. It was right around the time when we started patting each other

Why your Experiential Marketing Campaign is only as good as its Amplification

  With increasing regularity brands and agencies are enquiring about how Experiential Marketing Campaigns can be integrated into the overall marketing mix and amplified through other channels. This is actually

Why Experiential Marketing cannot afford to ignore SoLoMo

Everybody is talking about it: Deemed one of the most important up-and-coming marketing trends to stay, “SoLoMo” is one phrase no marketer can afford to ignore. SoLoMo represents the conjunction

How measurable is Experiential Marketing really?

In a world where consumers are faced with more choice than ever and brands need to stand out from the crowd, Experiential Marketing has, unsurprisingly, quickly become a favourite with

The secrets behind the successful measurement of Experiential Marketing

  In the increasingly intense battlefield that is consumer marketing, experiential marketing is growing in popularity due to its ability to engage consumers in a memorable way and to build

Brand Bonding – Are some brands missing the Experiential Marketing trick?

                      With great advertising opportunities like the Jubilee celebrations, the Olympic Games and Euro 2012 almost upon us,brands will face

Would you miss the match?

Hats off to Heineken who have out-done themselves with this piece of Guerilla marketing magic. They staged a fake concert which was a mix of classical music and poetry (hell)

Ambient Media WW Launch

We’re all thankful for the long weekend following a few drinks and bbq at the office last friday to celebrate the launch of the new Ambient Media WW site and the

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