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Experiential Marketing – Starting a Movement

You may have come across this video of “The dancing guy” from the Sasquatch music Festival back in 2009 which has been used widely as a discussion point around Leadership and

Graffiti, Art and Experiential Marketing

We love looking to art for inspiration and when treated well art can create striking and emotional ads in the place of more traditional out of home formats. We also are

will.i.am and Lexus: Driving experiential!

will.i.am and Lexus have teamed up to create this real world driving game experience. Installed on a disused runway, this incredible experiential stunt utilises 350 projected mapped motion and audio sensitive lasers

How to get the most out of your product sampling campaigns

Product Sampling Campaigns – Tips According to a recent study, 96% of customers who had an interest in a product said they were more likely to purchase as a result

Brand Awareness: sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

Building brand awareness is fundamental if a brand is to be front of mind of consumers considering purchase. The greater their awareness the greater the chance of a brand dominating

The Added Value of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is rapidly becoming a staple on the marketing plans of brands looking for ways to build valuable customer relationships. However, its benefits are still being compared against more

Evening Standard – Experiential Marketing

There was a recent article in the Evening Standard written by Gideon Spanier, about how an interesting trend has emerged within the marketing world. He suggests that due to the

Why qualifying an experiential brief can save your pitch

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, experiential marketing is distinctively bespoke, yet it still needs to deliver campaigns that are “on-brand”, within the client’s budget and wow the desired target audience

Experiential Marketing and Social Media Integration: A match made in heaven

In this day and age no marketer can escape social media as a communications tool: Stationary producer BIC recently joined the ranks of brands like HSBC and Mars, learning the

How to amplify and integrate your experiential marketing campaign with traditional media channels

In our last post we looked at the reasons behind the importance of amplification in experiential marketing campaigns. It was right around the time when we started patting each other

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