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experiential marketing
Is Coachella Oversaturated With Brands?
Jonathan Schultz | 25 April

With the festival season approaching, more brands than ever are aware how great a festival is as a space for

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product sampling
Sony To Launch In-Store Demos Of PlayStation VR
Jonathan Schultz | 20 April

Video game fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest technology from Sony, the PlayStation VR, will

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BrewDog beer
Rude Message On Beer Cans Results In Employee Award
Jonathan Schultz | 18 April

You’d think that if you printed an incredibly rude word anywhere on your company’s products without their knowledge it would

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Clean Graffiti Marketing – All You Need To Know
Jonathan Schultz | 7 April

Thinking outside the box is essential for brands these days when it comes to marketing and advertising – and these

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The Economist & Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Jonathan Schultz | 1 April

The Economist is hoping to increase its readership base through its latest experiential marketing campaign. Instead of traditional advertising strategies,

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spring marketing tips
Spring Marketing – 4 Top Tips
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

Whether you’re mulling over disruptive media campaigns or want to engage in a bit of event marketing at this time

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house of cards oneplus deal
OnePlus Signs $300k Deal To Feature In House Of Cards
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

Mobile phone company OnePlus is famous for its experiential marketing campaigns, but its most recent strategy is far more traditional,

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ad blockers
Ad Blockers – Every Brand’s Nemesis
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

These days, it’s very easy for consumers to decide whether or not they want to view ads on their TVs

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4 Of The Best Live Brand Experiences
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

Thinking outside the box when it comes to brand experiences is one of the best ways of bringing in new

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big ben guerrilla marketing
Planning Permission & Big Ben Guerrilla Marketing
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

It’s very tempting for brands to use landmarks like Big Ben’s Elizabeth Tower in their guerrilla marketing strategies – and

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thorntons interactive chocolate factory
Thorntons Launches Interactive Chocolate Factory
Jonathan Schultz | 24 March

Keen to take advantage of Easter, when people are guaranteed to be buying lots of chocolate and other goodies, chocolatier

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product sampling campaigns brewdog
A Lesson In Guerrilla Marketing From BrewDog
admin | 2 March

If you’re searching for a brand to inspire you in your own guerrilla marketing strategies, then look no further than Scottish brewery

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