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Immersive Food Experiences

There was a time when a restaurant visit was all about the food, but today we want so much more. We expect multi-sensorial journeys, immersive food experiences that excites and entertains us, the

One Black Button Appeal

The UN estimates that there are hundreds of millions of street children around the world. Street children are ignored, broken and abused. The majority are without birth certificates, which means they

Top five Christmas Brand Experiences

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again. 70 days to be exact. Christmas that is, and with that the madness of Christmas shopping and brands fighting for the attention

5 Urban Advertising Campaigns Gone Wrong

These days, it’s all about thinking laterally with your urban advertising campaigns… and while this is good advice, it’s not as hard as you might think for it all to

4 Movies Using Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Some filmmakers have huge budgets. Others have to tighten the purse strings a little. When you’re movie-making, expenditure is huge and all too often marketing and advertising of the film

Kenwood Prepares For Launch Of New GBBO

Kenwood is just one of the companies who have been waiting in eager anticipation for the latest series of the Great British Bake Off (GBBO). The food appliance firm has

Pokemon Go Street Signs Installed In Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

A 23-year-old has taken matters into his own hands and, instead of going down the tried and tested method of filling in application forms and sending out his CV, has been

Fentimans Talks Experiential Marketing

The serious buzzword of the moment where advertising is concerned is experiential marketing – if you’re not doing it now, then you almost certainly will be in the very near

Tesco Opens Pop-Up Wine Bar

Tesco is fully embracing its latest experiential marketing campaign, opening a pop-up wine bar in the heart of London to promote its award-winning tipples. The supermarket brand launched its first

Samsung: Experiential Marketing Is The Way Forward

Brands who want publicity need to adopt a programme of experiential marketing and social media, according to Samsung’s promotion boss. Over the years, brand experience and guerrilla marketing have become

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