One Black Button – a simple item of seemingly little value.

Our aim is to trade this for an item of a slightly higher value, and then trade that item, and so on, as many times as we can in the run up to Christmas.

With your goodwill and generosity we want to create value from One Black Button for people who need it most.

The One Black Button Committee

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Our 2016 Nominated Charity

Toybox is a UK charity with a mission to end the injustice of street children across the world. Toybox recently published accounts showing they helped over 18,000 children last year!

We need your help to support our 2016 nominated charity, ToyBox, this Christmas. The specific focus for this year’s campaign is to help Guatemalan street children get off the streets by providing them with birth certificates. Without a birth certificate, a child doesn’t officially exist and so can’t get access to healthcare or education.

Join us in changing the world for street children.

Trading Has FInished for 2016!

Final Result!

We are happy to confirm that the final item (new iPad Mini 2 Wifi – 32Gb) has just been sold for £300! This generous final amount is on its way to Toybox. Thank you all for your support!

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Trade History

This was traded for That
Date: 18th November 2016
Tradees: Nuno Fonseca @ Maui & Sons and David Pimlot @ Access360
Thank You!

This was traded for That
Date: 24th October 2016
Tradees: Jonathan Schultz and Nuno Fonseca @ Maui & Sons
Thank You!

This was traded for That
Date: 19th October 2016
Tradees: Monica Ho and Jonathan Schultz
Thank You!

This was traded for That
Date: 18th October 2016
Tradees: OBB Committee and Monica Ho
Thank You!


One Black Button is where it starts – a single item of seemingly little value. Our aim is to trade this for an item of a slightly higher value, and then trade that item up, and so on until we have traded as many times as we can in the run up to Christmas. We will then sell this item and donate to the charity selected for this year.
Within the Experiential Marketing and Events industry we are committed to reducing waste and we hope that this process will enable us to generate value from items which could otherwise go to waste.
Without your involvement and generosity we won’t get far but we’re hoping that by trading something you may no longer need will encourage you to take part and enable you to realise some value for the selected charity – and have a bit of fun in the process.

1. We will email those subscribed with details of the current trade and post it on the One Black Button page.
2. If you want to offer a trade then please contact us either via the form, email or phone.
3. The One Black Button committee will consider your trade offer and get back to you if your trade is accepted.
4. We will arrange the trade with you and post the new item and await offers!
5. On Friday 16th December 2016 we will close the trade and offer the final item to the nominated charity or sell/auction it and donate the proceeds.

Please don’t offer things which you don’t think anyone would want to trade with, anything broken or perishable items.
If you agree to a trade, please aim to make the trade with us as fast as possible.
We accept no responsibility for the condition of the item you have traded and can accept no liability, guarantees or warranties.
We are not able to cover the delivery and collection cost of traded items. If you wish to trade an item you must make arrangements to collect/deliver your item from our registered office in Hammersmith, London. We will make our best efforts to meet you in person if you’re located in central London.
The One Black Button Committee’s decision is final.

For anything we haven’t covered please contact us at: oneblackbutton@ambientww.com

Don't want to trade?

If you don’t wish to trade but would like to support ToyBox then please visit their website to see what you can do to help. You are also able to donate directly via their website. Your support will help them in their efforts to make a real difference in helping children find a home away from the dangerous streets.

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